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You can expect the highest standard within the glass industry for home, office and retail spaces

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DR GLASS offers you exceptional customer service - you will no longer be treated as a number in the queue but as a priority to your local Melbourne glazier. DR GLASS responds to all enquiries within 24 hours

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All of our work complies with the regulations of the Australian Standards AS1288 

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Glass Repair


If your windows or doors are suffering from broken or chipped panes, it is important you repair them quickly to avoid further security, weather or cosmetic issues. Servicing all suburbs of Melbourne 7 days a week, DR GLASS provides not only high quality workmanship but also very competitive pricing.

Pet Doors


DR GLASS installs dog or cat doors for glass. We make it easy and ensure you receive a quality product that is going to work for you every time. With safety for your family and pet our number one priority, we meet all current Australian Standards for glass. You’re going to get quality installation every time and a great product for your dog or cat to enjoy.



  Mirrors can be used in a variety of rooms in your house, not only just in your bathroom. How about a dress mirror in your wardrobe or your bedroom? You could even use mirrors as a kitchen or laundry splashbacks, on outside and inside feature walls adding new dimension to a small room. You will be amazed at how much of a difference a classy mirror can have on your home. We also specialise in broken mirror removal and replacement if required.

Frameless Shower Screens



Create an understated elegance with smooth, clean lines in your bathroom. Finished with toughened glass, frameless shower screens are easy to clean, secure and add a classy touch with this trending modern style. If you are looking for a contemporary, minimalist appearance in your bathroom, frameless shower screens will best suit your needs. Whether it be the minimalistic fixed, walk-in panel, or square series, there are a variety of options available to suit your bathroom.

Splashbacks & Tabletops


Glass splashbacks provide a modern, sophisticated touch to your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Custom built to suit each individual request, splashbacks are easy to clean, hygienic and low-maintenance. Complement your splashback with a Dulux colour to match your colour scheme.

Glass tabletops not only protect your cherished table but provide a classy finish which can be personalised to suit your taste.



Resolve broken windows quickly with the help of DR GLASS - we offer glass repair, replacement and emergency services completed efficiently and correctly, to avoid customer disruption. 

DR GLASS's quality workmanship will ensure that the end result is consistent with the original installation. We prioritise safety for your customers and are passionate about customer satisfaction.

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